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Daily Schedule


Fun at the pool!A typical day at Windridge offers a wide variety of activities. Our daily schedule has four periods in the morning and four in the afternoon. We combine two periods together to create a larger block for our major periods in tennis, soccer and horseback riding.

All campers must select at least one major. They may select multiple majors or double major in one sport. The rest of the periods are filled with our extensive elective choices. Campers are allowed to change their schedule each day so they can try a variety of activities and schedule time with their friends. Each evening we offer different programs that involve all campers, either as a whole or in age-appropriate groups.

Some of our elective options are: archery, arts & crafts, basketball, dance, improv, fitness, golf, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, rocketry, ropes/challenge course, stable management, lacrosse and volleyball.

Below is a typical daily schedule.

7:30 AM Wake-Up Call  
7:45 AM Call to Breakfast  
7:45-8:15 AM Breakfast Served  
8:15-8:45 AM Cabin Clean-Up  
8:35 AM Call to 1st Period  
8:45-9:30 AM - 1st Period 1st Elective 1st Major Block
9:30-9:45 AM Travel To Period 2 Tennis, Soccer
9:45-10:30 AM - 2nd Period 2nd Elective & Riding
10:30-10:45 AM Travel To Period 3  
10:45-11:30 AM - 3rd Period 3rd Elective 2nd Major Block
11:30-11:45 AM Travel To Period 4 Tennis, Soccer
11:45-12:30PM - 4th Period 4th Elective & Riding
12:30-1:00 PM Lunch Served  
1:00-1:45 PM Rest Hour  
1:35 PM Call to 5th Period  
1:45-2:30 PM - 5th Period 5th Elective 3rd Major Block
2:30-2:45 PM Travel To Period 6 Tennis, Soccer
2:45-3:30 PM - 6th Period 6th Elective & Riding
3:30-3:45 PM Travel To Period 7 & Snack Time  
3:45-4:30 PM - 7th Period 7th Elective 4th Major Block
4:30-4:45 PM Travel to Period 8 Tennis, Soccer
4:45-5:30 PM - 8th Period 8th Elective & Riding
5:30-6:15 PM Rest Hour  
6:15 PM Call to Dinner  
6:30-7:15 PM Dinner Served  
7:30-9:00 PM Evening Activity  
Lower Camp (8-10) Cabins  
9:00 PM Back to Cabins  
9:15 PM Lights Out  
9:30 PM All Quiet  
Middle Camp (11-12) Basketball / Volleyball Court  
9:30 PM Back to cabins  
9:45 PM Lights out  
10:00 PM All Quiet  
Upper Camp (13-15) Dining Hall Area  
9:45 PM Back to cabins  
10:00 PM Lights out  
10:15 PM All Quiet  
10:15 PM Counselor Snacks  
11:00 PM C.I.T. s back to cabins  

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