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Information For International Staff


All non-US residents must apply to Windridge through an international exchange agency in order to obtain their work visa (J1). This is true whether you first contacted us regarding employment through the Internet, by phone, as a referral from a friend, or through an international exchange agency.


What are International Exchange Agencies?

You may have heard of Camp America, Camp Counselors USA, BUNAC, etc. These are all organizations set up to help international young people gain cultural experience in the USA and other countries. They will help you apply for your visa and offer a support network while you travel to and from camp.


Federal Laws

Under US Immigration Laws, employers are obligated to obtain documents to establish identity and employment eligibility before you can work. This is usually your passport stamped with a J1 visa. The visa can be obtained through the international exchange agency of your choice but is virtually impossible and very expensive to obtain without the agency’s help.


Choosing an International Exchange agency

Windridge does not recommend one agency over another but advises you to contact them and make your choice based on the information they give you. Windridge offers the same daily wage to counselors, irrespective of their nationality or agency. Your net pay will depend on the agency you sign up with as all deduct their fee from your pay. This fee varies between agencies, depending on your age and whether you have been through a J1 program before.


Agency Contact Information

Camp Leaders

Tel: 415-339-2728 or 800-999-2267

Camp America
Tel: 203-399-5000 or 800-727-8233

Summer Camp and US Outbound Programs 
+1 (203) 264-7707 / Toll free: (888) 411-4362

Tel: 212-924-0446




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