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Junior Counselor Program (JC)


MTV NightPurpose:

This program will offer CITs the opportunity to continue their training as a counselor and will allow them to take on greater responsibility in their specialty area. This is a compensated position while allowing the individual the opportunity to contribute to camp. The intent of this program is to prepare individuals to become camp counselors the following summer.


We find many of our best counselors were once campers themselves. The JC program is set up to bridge the gap between an individual's summers as a camper and working as a counselor.


  • 17 years of age and entering senior year of high school, or its equivalent
  • Previous Windridge camper
  • Mature, trustworthy, responsible, leadership qualities, and ability to abide by camp rules and regulations
  • Attend at least two sessions and up to the full summer *Note that we will give priority to applicants that can stay the full summer.


  • The training and supervision of all JCs will be the responsibility of the JC/CIT Director.
  • A JC has many of the responsibilities of a counselor (employee) yet will always work under the direct supervision of other mentor counselors.
  • Meet with the JC Director as part of the training and evaluation process. This will include program, resident life, evening activities and special events.
  • Follow all camp counselor rules and regulations.
  • Work with other staff to develop and help run evening activities and special events.
  • Live in a cabin with campers under the guidance of a mentor counselor living in the same cabin. Mentors will be counselors that will help train and evaluate JCs in the responsibilities of resident life.
  • Work in an activity area as do regular camp counselors.

CarnivalTime off is subject to the approval of the JC Director and includes:

  • One free period each regular schedule day.
  • One day off each week.
  • One early night each week from 6:30 - 12:00 pm.
  • Every night after cabin is all quiet and until 12:00 pm.

How to apply:

  • Read through all of the materials.
  • Decide if you are willing to accept the responsibilities of a Junior Counselor.
  • Apply as would a regular counselor through our web site and go through the normal interview process.
  • There is no tuition fee.
  • You will be compensated $350 for a two week session and $525 for a three week session. JC are expected to work at least two of our three sessions.

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