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"In the future I look forward to being a councillor that campers look to as a role model, as I did when I was a camper. I am very excited to return to camp this year, especially because I am not going to just be a camper, but hold a position of responsibility and be proud of my role in making a difference in the lives of others."
Charlotte, Bronxville, NY

Junior Counselor Program

TennisThe Junior Counselor (JC) program is the next step in our training program. It offers individuals that have completed our CIT progrm the opportunity to continue their training as a counselor, and will allow them to take on greater responsibility in their specialty area.


  • 17 years of age and entering senior year of high school, or its equivalent
  • Previous Windridge camper
  • Mature, trustworthy, responsible, leadership qualities, and ability to abide by camp rules and regulations
  • Attend at least two sessions and up to the full summer


A JC has many of the responsibilities and the schedule of a full counselor. At the same time they will always work under the direct supervision of a mentor. Regular meetings with the JC Director is also part of the training and evaluation process. This will include program, resident life, evening activities and special events. JCs will work with other staff to develop and help run evening activities and special events. They will live in cabins with campers under the guidance of a mentor.


Past campers and CITs should apply as would a regular counselor by filling out a new staff application and going through our interview process. You will be compensated $350 for a two week session and $525 for a three week session. JC are expected to work at least two of our three sessions.

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